Katha is the small riverside town in the Sagaing Division & it is located at the western bank of Great Ayeyarwady River & it was model for Kyauktada in George Orwell’s novel “ Burmese Days “.
Katha is 12 hours by rail north of Mandalay through the railroad junction town of Naba which is 23 km (14 mi) to the west of Katha. A small branch of railway runs east from Naba to Katha. Katha can also be reached by ferries that run on the Ayeyarwaddy River between the upstream town of Bhamo down to Mandalay. There is also direct bus service from Mandalay to Katha, but it is a bumpy ride.
In 1926 and 1927 , Katha was briefly home to British colonial police officer , Eric Blair ( known by his pen name , George Orwell ).
Tourist attraction sites in Katha are George Orwell’s house , Deputy Commissioner’s Home , Fire station , Kan Thar Tennis Club that is constructed in 1923 , St. Paul’s Anglican Church , Government Anglo Vernacular High Scholl ( 1925 ) , British club & Nat Pauk Elephant Camp.
Although Orwell modified the plan of the town a little, it’s possible to seek out several of the colonial buildings that played a part either in the novel or in Orwell’s life in the town.

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