Pakokku is a prosperous trading town in central Myanmar, near Bagan. Located on the western bank of Ayeyarwaddy river and it is well-known for the production of Tobacco. Other than Tobacco plantation, it also produces palm sugar , thanakha ( Myanmar traditional makeup ) , longyis ( Myanmar sarong ) and blankets called “Anyar Saung”. In the olden days , Pakokku Blankets are very important role in Myanmar society. Pakokku is accessible from Mandalay by car and Bagan by ferry boat. After new river-crossed bridge ( longest Ayeyerwaddy River Bridge with 3.4 Km long ) , Pakokku is easy to access from almost every corner of the country.
Famous Shin Ma Taung Thanakha comes from nearby Pakokku. According to the oral history of the natives of Yesagyo and Pakhan, legend has it that during travels of Bagan King AlaungSithu on his royal barge he came to the Taung Ni hill, a little distant from Pakhan-gyi town, and his queen spilled Thanakha paste from her make-up box. To this day the Thanakha tree, grown in the areas around Taung Ni and Shin Ma Taung hills, is more blessed with the sweet aroma than those grown in other parts of the country.
With over 300,000 population , Pakokku is the biggest city in the western part of Ayeyerwaddy River. Main highlights in Pakokku are Shwegugyi Pagoda & Thihoshin Pagoda that Pagoda festival is celebrated annually at Nayon ( May / June ).

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