Pathein ( former name, Bassein ) is the capital city of the Ayeyarwaddy Region, Myanmar with 287,071 population by 2014 census record. It is located on the Pathein River, which is a western branch of the Great Ayeyarwaddy River & It’s one of biggest cities in Myanmar & it’s situated 190 Km ( 120 miles ) west of Yangon.
Although once part of the Mon Kingdom, Pathein has few ethnic Mon residents today. The majority are Bamar, Burmese Indians, Karen ethnicity.
Centuries ago Pathein was known as Cosmin. Ralph Fitch, the first recorded British traveler who visited Myanmar between 1586 and 1588 called it Cosmin. Some authorities argued this word “ Cosmin “ was a corruption of two Mon words “ Kaw “ and “ thamein “. The word “ Kaw “signifies an island and “ thamein “ as a prince.
The origin of the Delta town of Bassein has much to do with the growth of Portuguese imperialism. The Starting point was 1498, the year Vasco Da Gama discovered the sea route to the East. From then on Portuguese shops began to enter the Pacific Ocean through the straits of Malacca. Within a short time, Portugal became an imperial power. This was the beginning of the encounter between Europe and Asia.
The area is full of rice fields with crops such as sesames, groundnuts, maize, tobacco & chilies. Parasol production is synonymous with Pathein.

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