About 40 Km north of Aungban is the town of Pindaya , noted for its extensive limestone caves and picturesque Bote-ta-lote lake.
Mainly famous for its limestone caves called Pindaya Caves ( Shwe Oo Min Pagoda Cave ) where eight thousands of Buddha images have been consecrated for worship over the centuries, it is also one of the towns that host an itinerant market every fifth day.
The ancient caves are about one mile southwest of the town and The caves are supposed to be 200.00 million years old and since ancient times they have been places of worship and veneration with 8.094 Buddha images made from various materials like teak wood , marble , alabaster , brick , cement and lacquer and all enshrined in the nooks and corners of the winding caverns. At the entrance to the main cave there is a pagoda 50 feet in height. This pagoda is called Shwe U-min Hpaya or the Golden Cave pagoda. The Cave named by this entrance papoda.
Beginning on the full moon of Tabaung ( February / March ) , Pindaya hosts a colorful Pagoda festival on Shwe Oo Min. Visiting to Pindaya cave and study the ways of life of Da Nu , Pa-Oo people along the way is very interesting and impressive with beautiful landscapes.

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