It is a lovely and rustic town about 32 km south of Bagan, The Sale Yok Sone Kyaung is entirely made from teak , the monastery is a major tour destination with magnificent teak carving figures, traditional motifs tell the previous life stories of Buddha-hood and folkloric of the local people during his many past life times. The travelers could see the rural life on the peanut plantation winged by palms trees to delimit the individual champs over the dry lands. Slay is seemed to be the most rustic town in Myanmar, very arid supported by the summer brooks to the east, only the monsoon that can provide water for the fields. The rest of the time it is sandy banks. The other attractive visits are scattered around the dusty plane such as U Pone Nya Museum, exhibits antique lacquer wares, wooden relief and a large standing gilded Buddha image and nunneries just near by the teak monastery compound. If the time permit, Tha-ta-na Kyaung (Keythar Monastery) is worth to visit where the Tipitaka texts are housed in the large red lacquered cabinets, the monastery was surrounded by the verdant tamarind trees and satellite pagodas white washed.

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