Thanlyin and Kyauktan

Thanlyin, formerly known as Syriam, is situated at the confluence of the Yangon and Bago Rivers & it’s on the southern bank of Bago River. It’s one of the major port cities in Myanmar.
Thanlyin first came to prominence in the 15th century as the main port city of the Hanthawaddy Kingdom, replacing a silted up Bago port. In 1539, the city became part of the Kingdom of Taunggoo. In 1599, the city fell to the Rakhine forces led by the Portuguese mercenary Filipe de Brito e Nicote, who was made governor of the city. De Brito declared independence from his nominal Rakhine masters in 1603, defeated the invading Rakhine navy in 1604 and 1605, and successfully established Portuguese rule over Syriam or Sirião -as it was called back then- under the Portuguese viceroy of Goa. In 1613, Burmese king Anauk Petlun recaptured the city and executed Brito by impalement, a punishment reserved for defilers of Buddhist temples.
Main highlights in Thanlyin and around are Thanlyin Kyiak Kauk Pagoda and Yele Kyauktan Pagoda that is located in the middle part of the river.
Visiting Dala that is a small town located at the opposite site of Yangon and the south of Yangon River is a worthwhile trip.

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